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Garrison, Tara
Lee, Aja
Counseling Secretary/Library Media Coordinator
Mignano, Julie
Registrar/Counselor Tech

Counseling Corner

Welcome to the CWMS Counseling Page!

Here is our Counseling Team!

Ms. Tara Garrison, Counselor 

All 8th grade and 7th grade last name A-L

Ms. Katelyn Donovan, Counselor 

All 6th grade and 7th grade last name M-L

Mrs. Julie Mignano, Registrar/Counselor Tech

Counseling Office 925-855-4416

College and Career Day 2017

We are planning Charlotte Wood’s 12th  Annual Career Day which will be held on Friday, February 24th, 2017.


Charlotte Wood Middle School feels that career exploration and awareness is a valuable tool in helping students uncover the possibilities that await them in high school, college and beyond.  Studies show that at-risk students who are involved in career exploration and awareness activities at the middle school level are more likely to establish an effective program plan of study for high school, thus better preparing them for their future career selections.  Your involvement in the lives of our students, even if for a small amount of time, will make a difference in at least one student’s life.  


Please take a moment and consider whether you or someone you know would like to participate in Career Day this year. If you are interested confirm your place by completing registration in the link below.


To ensure your place at Career/College day please click on this link to confirm your attendance.

Charlotte Wood Counseling Welcomes You to the 2016-2017 School Year!

We are glad to welcome all of our returning students and parents, as well as all those who are new to our Charlotte Wood community. We encourage you to view our page of the CW website throughout the year to learn more about our support services for your child and look forward to working with you!

Our primary goal at CW is to provide an opportunity for parents, teachers, students and office staff to work together as a team to provide the instruction, structure, accountability, limits and consequences that middle school students require.  Toward this end, it is imperative that if a problem develops in a class or with a teacher that the parent and student talk to the teacher first. While it is important to be proactive when there is a concern, we find that many concerns can be answered and resolved more efficiently by talking to the teacher to start, before calling the Counseling Office.

Peer Tutoring 16-17

We are continuing our Peer Tutoring Program in which 7th and 8th grade students who are doing well academically meet each week with students who are experiencing difficulties. Students in need of assistance will benefit academically by receiving help from a peer with whom they feel comfortable. The rules of confidentiality and mutual respect will be discussed and adhered to at all times by both tutors and tutees. The tutors have been trained and can help with homework, organization, studying, etc. If your child would like to be set up with a peer tutor, please have your child return the signed permission slip to the Counseling Office as soon as possible. Permission slip are available in the counseling office or are able to be printed from the links on the right on this page.


Sessions will be held after school from 3:00 to 4:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and will begin the week of October 17th.


Please note that this is a space available program and spots are filled on a first come first serve basis.


Back to School Tips:

Please, please, please talk to the teacher first. They are the experts in their classrooms and know your student’s learning behaviors best. Further tips we offer as guidelines in communicating with us and your child’s teachers are:
1. Please be sure you are registered with School Loop. This web-based program allows you to see your student’s progress anytime with daily emails being sent to you from the program. It is best if this site is checked for progress once per week.
2. If you have any concerns about your student, please contact the teacher of the class(es) you are concerned about FIRST. Teachers have first hand experience of classroom expectations, performance, successes and problems, and therefore they are your best resource in problem solving at the classroom level.
3. After talking with the teacher(s) involved, if you need further assistance, please contact Tara Garrison for 8th graders and 7th grade with last names A- L; Katie Donovan for 6th graders and 7th graders with last names M-Z. We will be happy to help you and your student resolve whatever problem they may be facing after you’ve talked with the teacher.

Lunchtime Activities

Is you student looking for new things to do during lunch. Encourage them to check out some of these amazing opportunities and keep yourself updated with new activities by checking the Counselor Corner on the CW website

  • Library- Run by Wendy Cunningham our school Librarian

    • Monday- Games

    • Tuesday- Arts and Crafts

    • Wednesday- Book Club

    • Thursday- Maker Space

    • Friday- Chess

Counseling Events

Today: 2/23/17

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