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Help Your Student Improve In School

Help Your Student Improve In School

Help Your Student Improve in School

Some options to consider that may help your student improve his/her school performance.

TEACHER ASSISTANCE: The best help we have here at CWMS is teacher assistance. Most teachers are available after school, some before school and some at lunch. Every teacher has time available for students to drop by for help. Please contact your student’s teacher to see when they are free for additional help and have your student attend once or more each week. Five minutes with a teacher can save thirty minutes of individual struggle at home.

HOMEWORK HOUR is Monday through Thursday in the Charlotte Wood Library for students to work on homework or read. Homework hour is only on SCHOOL DAYS (never a Staff Development Day, early dismissal days or Holidays). There is no eating or gum chewing in the library and students must abide by the rules given by the moderator, Mrs. Barbara Larson.

Finally, sometimes the library is closed for district or staff meetings or for the fall and spring book fairs.  In this case, homework hour will be in Mrs. Larson's classroom (#600) which is ten steps to the right of the library.  Additionally, a sign will be posted on clearly on the library door if homework hour is moved to Barb Larson’s classroom for the day/week. If a student is going to the Danville Student Union (after being at Homework Hour from 3-4 pm), they will need a note to get into the Student Union which can be given to them by Mrs. Larson.

Please note that Homework Hour is not homework help but for the students to work independently

There is NO Homework Hour at this time. This is subject to change.

PEER TUTORING: Free after-school program offered as a tutoring service by Charlotte Wood students from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Permission slips are available here for Tutors and Tutees and in the counseling office. Space is limited and subject to availability. Questions?  Contact Katie Shepherd.

WEEKLY E-MAIL CHECKS: All of our teacher's e-mail addresses are in the student directory as well as available on School Loop. Teachers are happy to respond to parent e-mail inquiries about student progress.  Try creating a group e-mail with all of your student’s teachers and send a weekly inquiry.

SCHOOLOGY: All in one web-based communication program available to all students and their parents. For more information, please contact our counselors.