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School Tardy Policy

Charlotte Wood Middle School Tardy Policy

In order to align our attendance/tardy policy with the State Education Code and the rest of the District, parents will not be able to clear tardies for personal reasons (business phone calls, late car pools, over-sleeping, traffic, rain, flat tires, vacations, etc).


According to the State, “legal” absence/tardy reasons are limited to illness, medical/dental appointments, religious holidays and funerals. Therefore, tardies resulting from personal (illegal) reasons will remain unexcused.


As always, disciplinary actions will be taken after 4 unexcused tardies.    In addition, any student arriving more than 30 minutes late without a valid, legal reason will incur a “VTY” (very tardy). More than three “VTY’s” in one school year could result in SARB (School Attendance Review Board) proceedings*.



We understand that traffic is bad on El Capitan and even worse when it rains.  We know that a lot of you have more than one child to deliver each day and that car pools are late sometimes.  We realize that tires go flat, shoes get lost, car keys get misplaced and alarms don’t always go off.  However, NONE of these reasons are “legal” in the State’s eyes so tardies resulting from them will remain unexcused.   Please plan ahead and allow extra time for unexpected delays as excessive tardies will lead to disciplinary action.



In addition, there is a misconception that students are not tardy until 8:20, or 9:05 on Tuesdays.  Our first bell rings at 8:10 and 8:55 respectively and the tardy bell rings at 8:15 and 9:00.   IF STUDENTS ARE NOT IN THEIR SEATS WHEN THE SECOND BELL RINGS, THEY ARE CONSIDERED TARDY!


Tardies interrupt the classroom environment and interfere with the learning of other students. Our first period bell rings at 8:10 and students are considered tardy if they are not in their seats when the 8:15 bell rings.


Students arriving after 8:20 must stop at the Attendance Office and obtain an Admit Slip before going to class.

  • Parents cannot excuse first period tardies unless it is for a legal absence reason (illness, medical/dental, religious holiday or funeral). All other reasons are considered (by the California Education Code) to be illegal and will remain unexcused.    Please see above section regarding Partial Day Absences (late arrivals) for procedure to clear legal absences/tardies.
  • Tardies due to traffic, over-sleeping, carpool trouble or any other “personal” reason will not be excused.
  • Students who are not in their assigned seats when the tardy bell rings should assume that they were marked tardy.


Discipline Action:

  • 4th unexcused tardy results in an after school detention
  • 8th unexcused tardy results in Saturday School
  • Excessive Unexcused Tardies: 4 unexcused tardies will be assigned a detention, 8 unexcused tardies will be assigned Saturday School and lose the privilege of attending a future dance or extra-curricular activity. Additional Saturday Schools may be scheduled for continuing tardiness.
  • Suspension may result for continued defiance.